Stout is a strong, dark beer that originated in Great Britain and is typically made using roasted barley or roasted malts. It is aptly named since the adjective “stout” means “strong”. Stouts are usually full-bodied and smooth with low to moderate bitterness, and can be both sweet and rich or dry. They often feature nutty, caramel, coffee or chocolate-like flavours.


Brewed since at least 1820, stout is Ireland’s gift to beer lovers. Ours is dark and rich, with a bold roasted flavor, hint of chocolate and espresso-like finish. So smooth, you’ll enjoy having more than one.

Bitterness 35 IBU
Malts Pale, Roasted Barley, Black, Carapils
OG 1.044
Hops Northern Brewer
Colour Black, opaque

Serve at 13C / 55F