Control your fermentation temperature

  • Try to keep it between 65-70 F

Keep it consistent, year to year, keg to keg

  • Aim for consistency as you craft your beer

Keep it Clean!

  • Cleaners and sanitizers are not the same. Cleaners leave your equipment bright and clean; sanitizers keep bacteria and other spoilage organisms under control.
  • Before you sanitize, everything must be clean. Rinse bottles, primary fermenters, and carboys as soon as they are empty to avoid scraping dried caked-on residue off them later.
  • Store your clean primary fermenters and carboys closed with little chlorine solution inside (one capful of unscented household bleach per litre cold water) Nothing will grow in them, making sanitizing easy.
  • If you get tired of scrubbing and sanitizing, remember that lapses in sanitation are responsible for 90% of all home brewing failures. If you keep your equipment looking and smelling clean, even when it’s not in use. You will have fewer problems keeping everything sanitized.

Get Creative!

  • Don’t be afraid to try anything once!
  • Keep working on your craft. Once you have a handle of craft brewing, try altering the process or recipe!
  • Remember to keep records of what you have tried so when something works well, you will know how to do it again.