What type of bottles should I use?
You can use glass bottles or PET bottles. Whatever your preference, ensure that you use bottles that are specifically designed to package carbonated beverages. It is dangerous to use bottles that are not designed for this purpose as there is a risk of explosion. 

How do I know that my brew has started to ferment?
Typically your brew should start fermenting within the first 2 days. Top signs of fermentation include bubbling and foaming. The yeast is constantly producing CO2, and you should be able to see this in the form of bubbles rising within the liquid. As the fermentation progresses, it will foam more. 

Should I use a Hydrometer?
This tool comes in handy for beginner, novice or expert brewers to track the progress of your ferment. By using a hydrometer you can get a sense of the alcohol content and when to bottle your beer. 

What can I do to control the temperature of my brew?
It’s all based on ambient temperature. The fermentation process will produce heat as it goes. Try to keep your fermentation within the optimal temperature rate. This keeps the yeast happy! If you find your fermentation is too warm, move it to your coolest room.